Welcome to the ProSTEAM project!

The project’s main objective is to improve students’ interest and skills in STEAM. In this regard, we intend to develop and validate educational materials (e.g., science kits or software, pedagogical guidelines) related to STEAM to be implemented in primary schools.

To better prepare students for the increasing challenges of the 21st century it is recommended to promote interdisciplinarity amongst several subject matters and intervene at the primary school level.

With the aim of increasing the levels of achievements and interest in STEAM in primary school, the ProSTEAM project intends to develop educational packages related to STEAM (including contents, science kits and guidelines of implementation) to be implemented at an international level.

Educational packages will be produced for 1st and 2nd grades (6 to 8 years old) and for 3rd and 4th grades (8 to 10 years old). Experts on STEAM education (higher education teachers and researchers) will collaborate with primary school teachers to produce rigorous scientific materials in line with primary school curricula.

A total of nine partners participate in this project including four universities, a polytechnic institute, and 4 schools from four countries (Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Serbia).